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A little bit more about myself...

I've always been interested in a wide range of subjects. As a kid, I would get a screwdriver and open up our family TV (much to the chagrin of my parents), just to learn more about electronics. Next to music, photography was high on the list and that, together with a news paper route, got me my first paycheck when shooting behind-the-scenes stills on Dutch television shows. Clearly, all those interests and skills would later form the basis for my career path.

But it didn't stop there. Although in my youth I was more of a pragmatist than a scholar, in later life I started to get an urge to want to know more about the world around me. An excellent program of studies in Humanities and Cultural Sciences at the Open University in the Netherlands provided all that I could wish for.

In the early nineties, I happened to be travelling in the United States on a shoot for an award show when my DP shared his love for general aviation with me. His enthusiasm piqued my interest and when we returned home, I started taking flying lessons. It was the start of a fast track to a commercial pilot license in both Europe and the United States. Although I always considered flying a hobby, I was actually active as an initial flight instructor and conducted photo flights and sight seeing trips for Wings Over Holland in the summer of 1999. Never afraid of a challenge, I'm now even building a single engine airplane in my garage. Currently, I'm command pilot for Angel Flight West and pilot for Mission Flight, two charity organisations. It's my way to give back to the community.

So why now web development? Since my early days in Polytechnical College (feels like eons ago), I had an affinity for computer programming. It was BASIC on a time-sharing system in those pre-PC days, but over the years I have taught myself the languages that were the flavor of the day.

So here goes nothing...

This website is about Hans van Riet, the web developer.

Hans van Riet, Television Director

For the award winning television director Hans van Riet (same guy really...), click here.

Computer Programming

Dreaming up game logic and coding it is my dream job, but I can write any algorithm to make your website do exactly what you want it to.

Web Development

By always following the latest trends in web design, I'll create visually attractive pages that invite return visits.

Creative Consultant

All those years in entertainment honed my skills. If your project is stuck in a rut, call on my creative toolbag to get the train rolling again.

By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence
and be convincing as people.

-Ray Kurzweil

My Skills

Not really one to toot my own horn but...

Programming Skills

The following languages belong to my standard skillset, but I'm not afraid to tackle new challenges when the project calls for it.

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92% Complete
90% Complete

Designing Skills

Using frameworks is the best way to get a solid web design in the shortest time. New frameworks are frequently added to the repertoire.

100% Complete
90% Complete
75% Complete

Education and Professional Experience

freeCodeCamp Projects

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